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Quickly find keyword overlap by scanning competitor domains.
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Find your competitors top keywords easily while scanning your niche.

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Term Explorer is at the core of my entire keyword research process. No other tool offers a comprehensive pull of all relevant competitor and current ranking data with the push of a button. The keyword discovery engine is the best available and makes finding new profitable keywords easier than ever before. It's literally the most essential keyword tool in my SEO toolbox.
Term Explorer is a critical addition to my toolset, to the point where it's built in to all my site launch and expansion processes. The Bulk Keyword Tool is a huge time saver and comes back with more terms than I could ever target. The Keyword Analyzer lets me size up any market in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise, plus allows me to identify low hanging fruit. Picking up 2 dedicated cores continues to pay for itself in time savings and uncovered opportunities, plus eases my complete lack of patience.
TermExplorer is the next generation of keyword research software. In the span of minutes, you can pull up 1000’s of profitable keywords to target. But it doesn’t end there. Their competitor analysis capabilities allow you to get a snapshot of which keywords to target first, to deliver quick ROI. Game-changer software.